Having worked in real estate for over 15 years, I will admit that my expectations of a home builder and the customer service they provide are high. I will also happily admit that BlueStone owners, Jeff Perdue and Dustin Mallory, exceeded my expectations. I first reached out to Jeff via email late on a weekend evening regarding one of their existing models that I fell in love with and heard back from him immediately. The next day he was in the model taking a video tour of the property for me since I lived out of town. Both he and Dustin met my mother and I for a tour of the property when we came to town and Jeff also allowed us to view his own home for ideas. Both homes were beautiful, very unique, extremely well built and unlike any others I had seen in the market after searching for over 6 months. Their attention to details is unparalleled and the creative home solutions that they include in their homes is like none other that I’ve seen. Most of all, Jeff and Dustin are efficient, quick to respond and in all honesty, the easiest builders with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. If you are looking to build, BlueStone Customer Builders should be your first call. You will not find a more creative, high-quality or customer-friendly builder of luxury homes in the area!