Before, During, After – The DURING Phase

When building a new home there are several key milestones that occur during the process.

Listed below are some of the Key Milestones that can expect while your dream home is being built.

If you have any questions regarding any of the steps listed below, please use our contact form to reach out to us. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have about the process.

Dustin and Jeff Surveying Construction

Key Milestones

Major Milestones

  • Setup and Introduction
  • Selections
  • Excavation
    • the hole is dug for your basement and foundation
  • Foundation
    • structural steel is installed
    • concrete is poured
    • water and sewer lines are installed
    • interior drain for sump pump is installed
    • black tar waterproofing is applied
  • Framing
    • all interior and exterior walls are framed
    • roof is framed; all windows and exterior doors are installed
  • Exterior Trim
    • siding and all exterior trim are installed
    • soffit and facia are installed and gutters are attached
  • Mechanical Systems
    • heating system is run throughout house
    • plumbing rough in installed
    • electrical rough in
  • Roof
    • shingles and roof vents are installed (The type may depend on neighborhood covenants)
    • insulation is blown into all exterior walls creating an airtight and noise-free environment
    • bat insulation is rolled into all vaulted ceilings and rooflines
  • Walls
    • drywall is nailed and screwed onto interior walls
    • all joints are taped and drywall mud is applied to smooth seams
  • Exterior Flatwork
    • concrete driveway, porches and patios are poured, according to your custom plan
  • Trim and Cabinets
    • custom cabinets installed and all interior trim work completed
    • all trim is stained or painted, all walls painted
  • Plumbing
    • plumbing fixtures installed
  • Electrical
    • electrical fixtures installed
  • Carpet and tile
    • carpeting and tile is laid throughout the house
    • floor registers are installed
    • drywall and paint are touched up
  • Final Inspection
    • your home is inspected by several government agencies, including the Building Department, the Planning and Zoning Department and the Public Works Department. Once approved, your home will be certified safe and ready to occupy.
  • Final Walk-Through
    • you will participate in a walk-through of your new home with a third party home warranty company
  • Closing
    • once all corrections (if any) have been made from your walk-through, you will meet with your realtor and financial institution to sign your closing papers. Once the papers are signed, your dream house is finally all yours!